Swindon goes POP!

On Thursday 16th March we present a line-up featuring two bands that take dreampop in two very different directions – similarly atmospheric, sweeping and melodic, but sounding vastly different in tone and disposition. The third piece of this musical puzzle adds a more bombastic, indie-guitar attitude to proceedings.

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Back on the Bike

with all the best intentions in the world, and after a few issues with support from venues and a general exasperation at the apathy of audiences to what we are trying to do, we said we were having a break, doing less, maybe even dare I say it, quitting? And we did, for about 3 weeks over Christmas. But we are back….

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This Weeks Live Shows 005

It is safe to say our return to Swindon’s Level III venue with a was something of a roaring success! To follow up that barnstormer we have four stonking shows for you this week, so once again we are already worrying about the state of our livers. But, we are pro’s, so we will stoically soldier on. Anyway, this is what we have lined up…

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