Songs for the sensitive, courageous and the adventurous

On November 9th at The Tuppenny we are back to our more compact and bijou set up with two fantastic solo performers. Lisa Richards will be performing a set of soul infused folk jazz blues songs for the sensitive, courageous and the adventurous and starting the night local songstress Emily-Jane Sheppard who revels in deft guitar work and exquisite vocals.

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Slaying some demons…

On Thursday 12th October our live music session at The Tuppenny features the return of Oli Norman, who last featured on this stage at the 2017 Shuffle in an excellent but technically cursed set (who seriously breaks 2 strings on their first number? We blame the fact he had shaved his beard off…).

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This Week’s Live Shows 013

Cutting it fine this week, but hey, that is how I roll at the moment – with The Swindon Shuffle kicking off next week (eeek!) it is a rather busy time.Last week was a fairly important one in the development of Songs of Praise, with our Thursday show at Baila turning out to be something of a pinnacle moment for us, that kind of whole NYC Greenwich Village vibe we had been looking for. Hopefully this will be the first of many of this ilk. Anyway, what do we have for the listening public to get their ears round this week?

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