Songs for the sensitive, courageous and the adventurous

On November 9th at The Tuppenny we are back to our more compact and bijou set up with two fantastic solo performers. Lisa Richards will be performing a set of soul infused folk jazz blues songs for the sensitive, courageous and the adventurous and starting the night local songstress Emily-Jane Sheppard who revels in deft guitar work and exquisite vocals.

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Straw Shed Music from Shootin’ The Crow

‘Think Hillbilly meets Country Rock meets Rock n Roll meets Folk.…if we can get away with it we do it….don’t get hung up on genre. Pinning a label could kinda hurt ya head. We do what we do our way and love doing it. We’re told that that comes thru loud n clear when we play…gathered round a single mic (if we can) playing our own songs with some choice covers, played Crow style”

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True Strays – a Rock & Roll Revival Story

It is always a good thing when a band take the classic sounds of yesteryear and bring them zooming back into our consciousness, but with their own, contemporary take on things. Therefore, we are really excited about being able to bring you the rather awesome True Strays, delta Rock & Roll revivalists and Bristol brethren born for blues fuelled, foot-stompin, late-night hoedowns.

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