Who the hell are we?

The SoP in SoP Live stands for Songs of Praise, the historic name of the live music night we started hosting way back when. This Songs of Praise is nothing to do with religion. Rather, it aims to sooth souls by providing quality live shows in The West of England.

Starting out as live music promoters, we have always focused on original, exciting and new music we mix the best local and regional acts with the cream of the touring circuit. You wont find covers bands, tribute acts or the run-of -the-mill at a SoP Live branded show. We only deal with the most interesting, exciting and talented up and coming bands and artists. You will find each show is curated carefully to ensure all acts should appeal to the majority of the audience, our line ups are not simply thrown together, they are thought through and work. 

We work within many genres of music including Alt-Rock, Americana, Electronica, Folk, Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock and much more.

2016 marked the 10th year of SoP, a brand that was started by local legend and rubbish-when-drunk Rich Craven and handed over 4 years ago to local journalist and promoter Dave Franklin, famous for his avoidance of sleeves, to continue. 6 months later another journalist and promoter, Ed Dyer, famed for a large collection of plaid shirts, joined forces to make up the team now running the show today.

In the end of 2016, following a review of the work SoP does, with all the best intentions in the world, and after a few issues with support from venues and a general exasperation at the apathy of audiences to what we are trying to do, we said we were having a break, doing less, maybe even dare I say it, quitting? And we did, for about 3 weeks over Christmas. But we got bored. Then we had the new Bristol residency kick off, The Tuppenny ask for music and we had a few left over shows in the diary  and a few surprising offers from agents to whet our appetites again. So  we got back on the bike. Which leaves us pretty much as before, but leaner, meaner and no less annoying

Please do check out our listings, follow us on social media and come along to a show. Chances are you may find your next favourite band.


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