Getting to the root of things

Keegan McInroe May 17th BeehiveIn the second of our visits to The Beehive within the week we reacquaint ourselves with an old friend, a wandering troubadour from Texas who has been making regular sojourns to SoP for several years now and now makes two for us over the same weekend.

We put on a lot of Roots and Americana style music but Keegan McInroe is the real deal, hailing as he does from Fort Worth in the Lone Star State. In 2003 he founded rock & roll outfit, Catfish Whiskey.  Since 2008, he has performed primarily as a solo artist performing and rambling all over Texas, the United States, and Europe.

Weaving threads from old country, old blues and folk together with his own unique voice and perspective, Keegan creates an original tapestry of American roots music, earthy and lyric driven. We fully expect him to be accompanied at this show by a rogues gallery of local musical friends. Watch this space…

As usual with The Hive, entry is free, be there around 830 pm.

More info here.


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