Meanwhile, back at The Ranch…

17553996_1766144706745375_1492942936159612651_nWe make an always welcome return to The Beehive this week to host a couple of shows , kicking off on Thursday 4th May with something that is just a little, er, different as we welcome The Ranch to town.

A Maltese Contemporary Rock / Jazz outfit is not the description of a band you expect to be seeing playing a backstreet Swindon pub. But life is strange, so we are very pleased to be able to bring a bit of European style rocked up funk/jazz psychedelia to the Hive.

The band self describe themselves as an “uncouth, uncivilised and unsophisticated contemporary band, committed to delivering a high-powered, colourful, modern sound, brimming with experimentation, improvisation and attitude!” OK, so the English may not be perfect (whose is?) but we get the gist and rather like the sound of it.

Support comes from the closest thing we could find to a similar sound from the local ranks – the new-to-SoP SexJazz (there are a few familiar faces in their ranks however). Theirs is a sound which is, honestly, pretty damn close to the headliners, which has pleasantly surprised us and means we can look forward to a night of musical boundary pushing and jammed out experimentation. Groovy!

Entry is free, with the fun and games kicking off around 8.30pm.


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