Do we feel lucky? Well, do we, punk?

17553802_1763757580317421_5018178734579825700_n (1)To answer that question, yes, we feel very lucky. This is because one of our favourite artists is coming back and playing for us at The Tuppenny on April 27th. One of the best things about being a music promoter is meeting interesting and wonderful people from all over the place, and what is even nicer is that often, these people keep coming back to play for us, people like Ivy Rossiter aka Luckless who is one of the nicest folks we have ever met. Although born and bred in New Zealand, Berlin is currently her home, and this will be her third Songs of Praise show.

Ranging from low key anti-folk to blistering riff heavy guitar slinging and from melancholic introspection to outbursts of joy and positivity, Ivy’s music is poised somewhere between the ethereal haze of indie folk and the propulsive drive of alt-rock.. Luckless draws inspiration from 90’s heroes PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan and Sparklehorse while reaching out to contemporary touchstones The Kills and Warpaint. The music is raw enough to appeal to the old school and compositionally slick and fresh enough to fit right in with modern musical fashions.

Check Luckless in full-on-band mode in the video below.


In support is an artist making her Songs of Praise debut is the more folky, but no less compelling Holly Redford Jones, an artist based in Oxford with a range of influences from folk, soul and rock music.

Full details are available in the event page here.




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