Jamie back in the fold…

17499104_1763276133698899_8375119485807853979_nWe finally welcome Jamie Hawkins back into the bosom of the SoP family for the first time since the Unplugged sessions twanged their last string late last year. This time however, rather than as a promoter, Jamie returns in his more regular guise as one of the most accomplished local singer songwriters on the circuit with a show at The Tuppenny.

As a reminder, Jamie’s style evokes such classic songwriters as Squeeze’s Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook, Crowded House’s Neil Finn and Justin Currie of Del Amitri. The classic guitar lines and effortless melody that spring from his songs make them instantaneous and accessible and a heady combination of from the heart self analysis and universal truths, stark realities and street level wisdom make the lyrics as appealing as the melody driving it. Put the two together and you have something quite magical.

But don’t just take our word for it, come along and hear for yourself. Music will start around 8pm and entry is free but as always we encourage you to pop some cash in the hat too!

Full details to be found on our event page here.

Jamie’s website is here.


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