Swindon goes POP!

16602167_1710319042327942_8289530519372149201_oIn serious, beard strokey, musical circles (like SoP team meetings) Pop has become something of a tainted concept. Sullied by the modern obsession with shallow, repetitive, style over substance, flatpack music that won’t challenge or offend and that has rolled off a TV show or major label production line, the term Pop Music does not appear to have the same shine it once did. However, lurking just round the corner from all that chart music fluff, in a neon lit, intimidating looking alleyway, blissfully ignorant of all the posturing and insincerity going on, is a different kind of pop music.

This pop music delights in challenging its audiences ears and minds with stimulating, pleasurable melodies complex in their simplicity and with words and meanings to challenge and engage intellect and conscience. On Thursday 16th March at The Victoria in Swindon we present a line-up straight out of that musical alleyway featuring two bands that take dreampop in two very different directions – similarly atmospheric, sweeping and melodic, but sounding vastly different in tone and disposition. The third piece of this musical puzzle adds a more bombastic, indie-guitar attitude to proceedings.

Headliners Wasuremono  musical bent is based on subtle, kaleidoscopic patterns, shimmering shoegaze and delicate, gossamer melodies.  SoP’s Dave  has perfectly described them as “sculptors of hypnotic dreamscapes and sonorous bliss in an apolitical age. Ecstasy…but without the clubbing“, and I can’t help agree with him.

Familiars are, well, familiar, having appeared on our various stages many times with their dark atmospheric alt- rock/ pop songs. Sweeping soundscapes, majestic melodies and razor sharp dynamics are based around a piano oriented core sound that flows from the fragile, spacey and evocative to the driven, dynamic and robust.

Openers Catgod peddle slick, polished and effortless sounding Jazz, Blues and Soul inspired Dreampop songs. A strong rhythmical feel runs through their work, drawing influences from latin beats, soul grooves and more modern trip hop. Add to this melodic vocal lines and lyrical guitar work and you are left with a unique and wonderful sound.

Full details and artist links can be found here on the event page. Tickets are just £3.00 and can be obtained in advance at seetickets.com or via the venue




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