Jonny brings The Thunder

Jonny Payne March 17 Lion WEBOur residency at The Golden Lion in Bristol hits month three and continues to go from strength to strength and this month we have a beauty. Sunday 12th March sees Oxford based troubadour Jonny Payne arrive with his band The Thunder.

After leading up indie band Deer Chicago (supporting the likes of Blondie, We Are Augustines and Lanterns on the Lake), Jonny took a break from the UK, travelling from Massachusetts to Tennessee, then Canada to Colorado, a journey that became the inspiration for the music that became this new project.

The songs are about stories and characters encountered in between. The music is based on music heard (and danced to) in various neon-clad dive-bars stumbled upon somewhere along the way. Not to mention an element of “you ain’t from around here are ya, you ain’t even from the county along” thrown in for being the outsider. Influence, whether or not heard is taken from roots, soul, gospel and blues, and ends up somewhere in the Windrush Valley Delta.

In support we present the soaring, passionate vocals  and dynamic, intricate acoustic guitar of Canute’s Plastic Army, an acoustic duo consisting of the vocals of Anish Noble-Harrison (previously of the Teddy White Band) and SoP friend Neil Mercer on acoustic guitar and backing vocals (previously of Rumour Shed and the Dacoits).

The band initially started as Neil’s solo project before singer Anish came on board in spring 2016 as they initially played around with a few covers for a bit of fun. However, they found a shared love of dark, twisted songs by artists as disparate as Odetta, Cate Le Bon and Pulp and that Anish’s soaring, passionate vocals and Neil’s intricate, dynamic acoustic guitar were as a potent mix. They quickly started writing dark and twisted songs of their own. This is the result. We love it.

Live music takes place from 4pm. It is free entry but artist donations are encouraged.

Full details are to be found on the event page here.


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