Back on the Bike

S614ef49280ccc9f7d565474af2aa49a4o, with all the best intentions in the world, and after a few issues with support from venues and a general exasperation at the apathy of audiences to what we are trying to do, we said we were having a break, doing less, maybe even dare I say it, quitting? And we did, for about 3 weeks over Christmas. Then we had the first of our Bristol residencies at The Golden Lion (The Dustbowl Children and Black Sheep Apprentice) and the return of our friend Lewis Clarke to Swindon’s new bar The Tuppenny (as it is run by Ed’s other half, we can’t really not put music in it). The change of scenery was good, crowds were ok for January and most importantly, we enjoyed it. Added to this, we still had a few dates left over in the diary for Feb and March to deal with, a few dates that increased in numbers as some old offers for some fantastic acts suddenly and surprisingly got accepted. We  started to get the bit between our teeth again…

This all means it is kind of like business as usual for a few months for us. The Tuppenny Shows are going to keep rolling on, filling the void left by the demise of SoP Unplugged, and we have some excellent shows to look forward to at The Golden Lion. The Shows at The Victoria seem to be reaching new heights of quality, as we hoped limiting them would achieve, and at the time of writing, our next gig, Gaz Brookfield, is heading for a sell out, buoyed by it becoming a full band show. Add to this some exciting new to us artists like Rozelle, Worry Dolls, Paul Tiernan and True Strays, all of whom are very very special and things are looking pretty cool. More on individual shows soon. In the meantime, here is the listing as it stands.


Thursday 2ndGaz Brookfield & The Band of Thieves, Raze* Rebuild + Nick Parker @ The Victoria. £5 adv / £7otd 8pm

Sunday 12thKid Calico & The Astral Ponies+ Alex Taylor @ The Golden Lion. Free 4pm

Thursday 16th – Martyrials, Ghost of the Avalanche, GagReflex + SickOnes @ The Victora. £3 8pm

Sunday 19thJim Blair (Hip Route) + Barney Kenny (The Dustbowl Children) @ The Tuppenny. Free 5pm

Friday 24th – Paul Tiernan + George Wilding @ The Beehive. Free 8pm


Thursday 2nd – Polar Front, Rozelle + Support @ The Victoria. £4 adv, £5 otd 8pm

Friday 3rd – Worry Dolls + Support @ The Beehive. Free 8pm

Friday 10th – True Strays + Support @ The Victoria £5 adv 8pm

Sunday 12th – Johnny Payne & The Thunder + Support @ The Golden Lion. Free 4pm

Thursday 16th – Wasuremono, Catgod + Support @ The Victoria. £3 8pm

Thursday 23rd – Joe McCorriston @ The Tuppenny. Free 8pm


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