Non Canon & The Sad Song Co at Baila

non-canon-oct-16-baila-webSomehow, a rather impressive line up of artists on Xtra Mile Recordings has landed in our lap. We have known Barry a while as his Oxygen Thief alter ego due to his gigging connection with Kieran at Sheer Music, so when he came knocking after a show on the launch tour of his new project, Non Canon, we were not going to say no. As this project was the gentler, less shouty Yang to the Oxygen Thief acousto-punk Ying we opted to slot him into Baila.

Then some magic happened. It turned out that this show was a diversion from a tour Non Canon was on as support to non other than The Sad Song Co, the solo project of Nigel Powell, usually found behind the drum kit for Frank Turner (and Oxfords brilliant Dive Dive). They were playing in Bristol on the evening of the day of our show, hence the early start. So, Barry asked the question; as they were travelling together, any chance Nigel could join the show? Of all the questions we have ever been posed as promoters, this was probably the easiest to answer, after all it is not often you get artists of this calibre actually asking to play for you…

So, on Sunday 23rd October, in the bijou and beautiful surrounds of Baila Coffee & Vinyl from 3.00pm you can catch this superb line-up for free, although we do ask for donations in the tip jug.

Full details can be found on the event page.


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