Former Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley hits up Swindon

Chuck Mosley Oct 16 Vic WEBThis is a big deal for us. A really big deal. Faith No More are a band that SoP promoter Ed in particular grew up listening to. He has the albums, the tour tickets and the festival memories. The unlikely funked up anthem “We Care A Lot” was the introduction to this band, the vocalist in the day-glow video a dread-locked figure of kinetic energy and a
compelling focus to the band. That vocalist was Chuck Mosely, who after performing on their first 2 albums sadly soon parted ways with the band to forge his own path (although ending up for a time in US punk stalwarts Bad Brains was not a bad next move). That path has somehow brought him to a spot at The Victoria in Swindon, on October 6th

Once again teaming up with our best buddies in Sheer Music, we have the huge pleasure of hosting Chuck as part of his Reintroduce Yourself World tour, an acoustic run through the long musical career of this iconic performer. Tickets are £10 in advance from or The Victoria or more on the door.

Support comes in the shape of local folk-punk troubadour Phil Cooper and his witty and wonderful songs and Bristol’s answer to Anna Calvi, the electrifying Elea Calvet who will surprise
and mesmerise in equal measure.

Keep up to date and informed by hooking up with the event page HERE.

Chuck Mosley Tour Sheet


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