Polar Front Launch EP at Songs of Praise show

13913977_1463020533724462_1343750426808186083_oOne of Swindon’s best new bands in the last year or so have been Polar Front, a band who only sprang to prominence at the 2015 Shuffle with a couple of low-key acoustic shows at Baila and The Beehive (they were widely considered to be the find of that year).

They followed this with a charity show at the Vic that exhibited the full extent of their sound and resulted in their first SoP slot as show openers in October of that year. It is safe to say they blew us away all over again, and consequently earnt a headline slot of their own in February 2016, proceeding to once again impress.

A return to the Shuffle this year capped a run of other shows that included appearances at Wychwood and Fieldview Festivals that highlighted the ongoing transformation of the band as they moved from a quartet to a sleek trio and started experimenting with a lot more electronica and synth sounds.

All through this initial period there has been only a handful of recorded music made available, but that is about to change with their debut EP currently being recorded at the legendary Ladder Factory Studios just outside Shrivenham. At the helm of this production and charged with capturing the bands simultaneously delicate and thunderous sound is local producer extraordinaire Sam Bates who has been working closely with the band for the last year or so as they honed and developed their music.

This EP is being launched on September 15th at The Victoria with a special show hosted by Songs of Praise. We have curated a special support line-up to make sure the record gets the launch it deserves.

Taking the opening slot is Luke De-Sciscio, an old friend of Songs of Praise; an artist who, despite still being a veritable youngster, has been one of our go-to guys pretty much since Ed started promoting. Luke is a Buckley-esque songwriter with a supremely gymnastic vocal style, one for who silence and space in a song are of equal importance to the notes and who likes to follow a process of total immersion in song-writing that allows him to search his soul and find the voice of each piece. The result is always spine-tingling and highly emotive.

Middle slot artists are homeplanetearth, a band from the heart of rural Oxfordshire. Mixing indie atmospheric synth sounds with melodic vocal harmonies from siblings Josephine and Thomas, they take influence from a variety of different artists, to bring a dreamy, almost haunting new sound to some songs whilst contrasting it with bright happy tunes that you can dance the night away to. In other words, the perfect compliment to Polar Front. 

Thursday September 15th at The Victoria. Doors 8.30pm. Tickets available in advance from Seetickets.com or The Victoria priced at £3. For fuller information please visit the event page here.


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