This Week’s Shows 014

After a busy few weeks and then a bit of recovery time (The Shuffle really does take it out of you!) followed by an insane show from Empire it is back to business as per usual, with an Unplugged show at The Donkey and a band show at the Vic, featuring one of the real highlight bands of The Shuffle.

ianoreganWednesday 3rd August – Ian O’Regan. Unplugged @ The Roaring Donkey

Jamie’s show this week features the return of SoP regular Ian O’Regan, a performer with over 30 years experience under his belt. Inspired by a wide range of influences Ian’s solo music is rooted in blues but runs into country, rock and folk styles as well. He performs his self penned songs with a clarity and honesty that is a joy to behold, and slots them neatly into his sets alongside his own renditions of blues/folk covers – it is difficult at times to distinguish where Ian’s original music ends and the classics begin, so well crafted are they, with a honed, timeless quality about them.

The event page is to be found HERE.

MARTYRIALS-0408-a3-BatHorizon-webThursday 4th August – Martyrials, Downard + Horizon @ The Victoria.

Martyrials are a band who, from the moment we first saw them live, made us sit up and go “What the fuck was that?!” Being the grizzled old promoters that we are, that is exactly the kind of reaction we like to have, and something that happens all to infrequently for our liking. But, this trio of painfully young lads have an energy and creativity that is all too often lacking in grassroots bands – the live show is something to behold, all rock-star poses, flying hair and scissor kicks, which sounds naff but it is carried off with more panache, energy and belief than you would find in a year of watching most circuit bands.

The sound is unique as well, a synth driven psychedelic punk-pop where razor sharp keyboard riffs meet pounding rhythms and fuzzed bass lines, all underpinning some seriously sweet melodies. What’s more, the whole thing is shot through with a heavy dose of humour AND a serious political bite. Outrageously impressive stuff.

Main support comes in the deliciously psychedelic punk shape of Downard, a band who have been absent from our stage for far too long. This Bristol based bass and drum duo take a moment to understand, but once you have tuned in, are a very unique and special thing indeed. Their own simple formula is perhaps the best way to allow an understanding of what they are all about: “Atmospheric two-piece rock combo. Punishing distorto-riffs+math-slam drums+swirly voice confusion = Downard.” That’s all there is to it really, just come along and check them out for yourself. It’s not normal and is all the better for it.

After some juggling around, opening the night are a band who are one of the newest to roll off the Swindie production line. Centred around former Sahara Heights front man James Cumner, Horizon play upbeat, melodic indie in what will be a gentle start to the musical evening. If you like Foals, you will like this – they impressed when Ed reviewed them for The Ocelot to the point he put them on at The Swindon Shuffle. They impressed there to, so it was an easy decision to pick up the phone and get them to help open this show.

Entrance is only £3. For full details and band links check out the event page HERE.


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