This Week’s Live Shows 013

Cutting it fine this week, but hey, that is how I roll at the moment – with The Swindon Shuffle kicking off next week (eeek!) it is a rather busy time.Last week was a fairly important one in the development of Songs of Praise, with our Thursday show at Baila turning out to be something of a pinnacle moment for us, that kind of whole NYC Greenwich Village vibe we had been looking for. Hopefully this will be the first of many of this ilk. Anyway, what do we have for the listening public to get their ears round this week?

13615127_1440370465989469_5263285423717545511_nWednesday 5th July – Mike Barham + Donna Kim – Unplugged @ the Roaring Donkey

Jamie is proving himself to be as daft in his gig descriptions as Dave & I can be, and for this show has the following to say:

Donna Kim is a singer songwriter from Marlborough who performs her own compositions and renditions of covers with a voice that makes angels cry rainbows…
Mike Barham is a singer songwriter from Devizes who performs his own compositions and renditions of covers with a voice that takes the aforementioned angels rainbow tears and rams them down their collective throats…. but in a good way…
Should be an interesting evening 🙂


Vim Dicta July 16 VicThursday 6th July – The Vim Dicta, Well Dressed Thief + Socket @ The Victoria

There has been a real buzz about The Vim Dicta on the smaller circuit, the one where a buzz still counts for something, and they are heading to The Victoria for Songs of Praise on Thursday!

It seems only appropriate that these guys are based in LA as the same bluesy, psychedelic (psycho-delic?) pulse, which was at the heart of bands like The Doors, and Jefferson Airplane, can be found lurking within. Dark, shamanistic, primal grooves, spiral outwards driven by tribal beats and skittering drum rolls and the overall effect is unsettling and edgy. But whereas The Doors took you on an acid tripping joy ride out past the edge of town and into the blasted desert landscape, The Vim Dicta seem to travel to a much less familiar, more otherworldly place, one where primordial forces vie for the very heart of the listener. Rock isn’t dead; it just travels more interesting and dangerous pathways these days.

Support is from Swindon’s Well Dressed Thief with their melodic and energetic alt-rock and Chippenham’s Socket, who are new to SoP but sound superb, like a beefed up Artic Monkeys. But better.

More details on the event page.

childrens feteSaturday  9th July – The Children’s Fete @ Faringdon Road Park

We, via our Swindon Shuffle guise, are running the main stage in the evening of the 150th Anniversary of The Children’s Fete.

The main event starts at 12pm and, although will be more children-focused, all are welcome to attend the daytime event, which will culminate in a special performance at 4.30pm from Swindon Dance, Prime Theatre and Falding’s Fandangos telling the story of the first 25 years of Swindon’s history – tying the 175th Anniversary of Swindon together with the 150th Anniversary of The Children’s Fete!

The evening event will start at 5.30pm and will run until just after 10pm, when we will say ‘Good Night’ with a fireworks display!

We’re pleased to announce the bands playing at the event are…..

The Academy of Music and Sound Swindon (17.30-19.00)
To start the evening’s music program, The Academy of Music will be showcasing a number of their student’s work.

Raze-Rebuild (19.15-20.00)
This established local alternative rock band will kick things up a gear as we push on into the evening with their huge hooks, slick guitar lines and melodic punk souls.

The Shudders (20.15-21.00)
A mainstay of the local scene who have played all over the UK, The Shudders will be preparing us for the final part of the night with their energy, driving rhythms and heart felt melodies combining their indie, country and rock influences.

The Tribe (21.15-22.00)
Ensuring we all have a great finish to the evening, The Tribe will take the party to a new level with their hip hop and upbeat reggae sound ensuring you can’t stay still! Expect sweet, soulful pop with snappy rap verses and extremely funky beats.

Once the music has come to an end, a final aerial walk from Jacob HiHo will culminate with a firework finale.

For info please see the main event page.


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