This Week’s Live Shows 012

Following on from our restructure (full announcement coming soon) we have three shows this week, but they are three of the highest quality (of course). We have the usual excursion at The Donkey with the others taking place within the chilled environs of the wonderful Baila Coffee & Vinyl.

13394157_1425332504159932_2151671128532818646_nWednesday 29th June – Nick Felix – Unplugged @ The Roaring Donkey

Nick Felix is a well known figure in Swindon music circles and it is with great pleasure that we welcome him to The Roaring Donkey to perform his unplugged sets of beautifully crafted originals and renditions of classic songs. With a voice that seems to bubble up from the very core of his soul and chord progressions that act as the perfect vehicle for his soaring melodies, Nick’s songs will draw you in and hold you there until he’s ready to release you. At which point you will feel simultaneously empty and full to burst as though you have just stumbled back into daylight after watching a particularly emotional and engaging movie of epic proportions.

In other words, he’s very good indeed… you’ll be a fool to miss this… but we always say that.

For more details and more on Nick visit the event page.

dreuw 1Thursday 30th June – Dreuw, Luke De-Sciscio + TriAmi – The Renegade Brewery Sessions @ Baila Coffee & Vinyl

For our first Baila Thursday downstairs we have managed to secure three marvellous acts that are all hallmarked by their spine-tingling vocal styles and atmospheric music, so it promised to be a very special night.

Headlining the night is Swindon’s own Dreuw, an artist we have seen many times, performing his beautiful, hushed and dramatic songs acoustically to largely indifferent pub audiences. Therefore, this step into a the cosy confines of Baila will allow an audience to appreciate the ethereal splendour of his art; delicate and ethereal songs built as much from atmosphere and expectation as from words and music – intangible, chilled, beautiful.

Taking the middle slot is Luke De-Sciscio, an old friend of SoP; an artist who, despite still being a veritable youngster, has been one of our go-to guys pretty much since Ed started promoting. Luke is a songwriter with a supremely gymnastic vocal style, one for who silence and space in a song are of equal importance to the notes and who likes to follow a process of total immersion in song-writing that allows him to search his soul and find the voice of each piece. The result is always spine-tingling and highly emotive.

Openers are Salisbury trio TriAmi, a band where hushed folktronica meets chilled acoustica and the harmonies, oh my god the harmonies, well, you’ll just have to come along and see what I mean but bring something to wipe the tears away with.

For full details and to listen to the artists head to the event page here.

13516188_1434895679870281_8797701851331775875_nSunday 3rd July – Lewis Clark + Tamsin Quin – The Renegade Brewery Sessions @ Baila Coffee & Vinyl

Lewis Clark is normally found fronting the a three-piece band called The Essentials but whether in full band mode or as a solo act his music is nothing short of beguiling. It may be made up of recognisable swathes of folk and blues but it is the injection of balkan folk rhythms, gypsy jazz vibes, lyrical depth and a truely charismatic live performance that really makes him stand out.

Tamsin Quin is a Songs of Praise favourite, a bundle of perky, folk-pop tunes, not adverse to tugging a few heartstrings along the way but never losing that glint in her eye. The cheeky minx.

For more information and artist links check out the event page here.


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