NEW SHOW: Yves | Maybelleen | tbc – June 16th

Yves June 16 Vic WEBThe eagle-eyed amongst you may well have seen previous announcements about this date. As a result of various end of term and exam activities however, the two local acts had to pull out, leaving us with a bit of a dilemma and with a French-Canadian band (who are rather excellent) flying solo.

However, in an exciting turn of events, probably the next band to break out of the Swindon scene, Yves, have stepped into the breach in order to play a serious hometown show to celebrate the release of their brilliant debut EP “When The Day Comes” which comes out on Friday 10th June. Yves are band who trade in slick, radio friendly, hook-laden, indie-pop and this debut recording combines all of these elements with a wonderful ferocity.

There is something wonderfully economic about three-piece bands, each element – in this case drums, bass, guitar and vocals – has to deliver the goods, is constantly on show and remains an integral part of the song through out and Yves seem to know this. So it’s a good job that they have the musical chops to do the job; tight and dexterous beats, driving yet wonderfully concise bass lines and guitars wandering between frantic workouts and sparing deliveries. Commercial, accessible, memorable and still with enough panache to appeal to those more underground taste-makers and guardians of the flame of coolness.

Maybelleen, a band hailing from Montreal, Canada, will be our special guest artists. Comprising of Peter and Charles Camiré, a young brother duo, the band were raised surrounded by the music of their dad, a pop rock and psychedelic musician, now producer. Built around electronic beats and samples, their unique and contemporary sound is recognizable with intense melodic grooves and great vocal harmony.

An opener is to be confirmed.

All of this will be taking place on Thursday 16th June at The Victoria in Swindon. Entry will be £3.00 with music kicking off around 8,30pm. Full details to be found on the event page here.


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