New Show – Franc Cinelli | Monkfish | Oli Norman

Following on from the positive response we received after our two shows at Baila Coffe & Vinyl last month in conjunction with Renegade Brewery we have booked a run through the the end of the year which is already filling nicely with some very exciting artists. Next one is  Thursday 26th May , upstairs in the loft, a superb, intimate space for live music. Our line up presents a well established international singer-songwriter, a brand new singer-songwriter and a special treat as one of our favourite bands of last year get stripped down a break out the double bass and acoustic guitars.

12801474_967430416685843_7496377762084199365_nFranc Cinelli has has been on Dave’s radar since he reviewed his album last year (which he thought “a sublime mix of all that is familiar but crafted together into new shapes and presented with a masterful touch”). He has carved a niche for himself in the industry by bucking trends with his free-wheeling alternative folk and doing things his way. Considered by many the songwriters’ songwriter his style ranges from uptempo torch songs to blues laden road journals and lovestruck serenades to defiant, prison outlaw ballads.

Seemingly eternally touring, and not just the length and breadth of the UK but throughout the East Coast of the USA, Texas & Tennessee, and into his native Italy, Franc regards the road as the school of songwriting, something that comes through into the music, Dave even remarking that “never has an album made me want to throw a guitar into the back of the car and head out into the unknown this much.” Needless to say, Dave booked him as soon as we could, and we cant wait to hear his music live.

10157400_535402389930742_554159572165258739_nEd’s contribution to the line up has been to procure a rather special acoustic set from Swindon / Oxford band Monkfish. As a full on electric band they sound like the bastard sons of Johnny Cash and The Sisters of Mercy, with a dash of The Gun Club thrown in for good measure. Their acoustic set therefore promises to pitch somewhere around The Handsome Family but that is just a best guess. What ever it sounds like I think it will be something dark, lush and wonderfully unique.

13177722_1744724032409460_2550952715142551580_nOur opener, Oli Norman, kind of found us and is very much a raw prospect. Helping new talent gain an audience is one of our main drivers though, so it is a pleasure to be able to present an artist who so far has been only really been seen at open-mic slots. So let this be a lesson to all you other new faces out there – keep on getting up at open-mics and similar to hone and perfect your songs and performance, know your scene, network, ask for shows, get yourself out there and heard.

Anyway, Oli presents simple songs sung with heart, and what more could you ask for than that from a guy with  a guitar?

Entry is £5 but is strictly limited in numbers, with tickets available from Baila in advance or on the door, first come, first served. Full details are on the Facebook event page.



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