This Week’s Live Shows 009

We have so much cool music going on this week that I think I will launch straight into it, although it is worth a mention of our mini residency at The Beehive last week, which was superb. That pub is really a great home for anything more rootsy so hopefully there will be more there from us soon.

12715963_1319423461417504_1381759761463122986_oWednesday 18th May – Beans on Toast, Sky Smeed + Tamsin Quin @ The Victoria

Two shows on Wednesday for us. The biggie is a co-promotion with our friends at Sheer Music, as we bring the return to Swindon of folk-punk artist and festival favourite Beans on Toast  as part of his Small Town Celebrations Tour, a tour where he will be straying from the beaten track to visit some of the country’s finest small towns, in an adventure into the heart of England.

Beans has been in the game a long time now; singing, travelling and telling it how it is. With 7 albums under his belt and a year round touring schedule that has taken him all over Europe, North America and South AfricaFor each show he will be joined by a brilliant new songwriter local to the town from England’s thriving songwriting community. These songwriters will also be included on a special compilation CD “Small Town Heroes”, which will be available throughout the tour. So joining us in Swindon will be the brilliant folk-pop pixie Tamsin Quin. Also on the tour will be Sky Smeed, a country singer from Chanute, a small town in Kansas, bringing an international feel to proceedings.

Around the tour there are plans to celebrate each towns individual identity; from organised pub crawls, to visits to local tourist attractions, to a surfing meet and maybe even a game of rounders down the local park. A true tribute to the UK’s small towns and the people that live in them, the stories collected along the way will go on to not only inspire Beans’ new album in December but the adventures will also be captured for a special documentary, to be screened at this year’s Glastonbury festival.

Tickets are £8 in advance and selling fast – for full details and ticketing please visit the event page.

Wednesday 18th May – Kitchen Sink Drama’s (Duo) + Steve DeGutis – Unplugged @ The Roaring Donkey

Kitchen Sink Dramas return to The Roaring Donkey for another round of politically poignant, emotive and emotionally based songs from, in our humble opinion, one of the most insightful lyricists treading the boards today.  With a healthy dose of Billy Bragg-esque social comment, reflective personal explorations and dealing with universal truths and lies, there is something to make everyone stop and think. Fans of Crowded House, Squeeze and the aforementioned Bard of Barking, take note. Opening up the night will be more acoustica from Steve Degutis.

More here.

13221197_1400391639987352_6391660962059023342_oThursday 19th May – Pilgrim, The Harlers + Four Dead Crows @ The Victoria

This is a show that is going to rock harder than a year 11 SAT’S test. Headline band Pilgrim are a four piece Classic/Hard Rock band hailing from the South Wales valleys who dropped jaws when they played a few months back at The Loco. This is mainly down to the insane guitar wizardry of Adam who seems to make the impossible possible. Having said that , the rest of the band are no slouches either, and neither are the songs. These guys make AC/DC seem amateur.

Support comes in the peachy form of Swindon’s answer to The Black Keys – The Harlers, our own 2-piece bluesy rock maestros. Opening the night (a band this good as openers tells you how good a night it is) are Gloucestershire’s Four Dead Crows, a band with a passion for late 60s rock music and the heavy blues riffs of the like of Cream, Free  and The Doors. 

Entry is only £3 – all the details on the event page.

13226726_1397029233656926_5703050546200881495_nSaturday 19th May – Fieldview Festival Launch Party with SN DubStation, Polar Front, Samantha Lindo and Weatherstorms @ The Victoria

Fieldview Festival is a high quality grass roots festival offering a unique platform for artistic expression and cultural celebration run by volunteersand rtaising money for good causes. In typical fashion, the guys couldn’t wait for the 4-7th August to come, so they have come to us to help put on a show to announce the launch of the festival featuring four of the actgs booked for the main event.

Headliners for the night are Swindon boys SN DubStation, a band whose musical souls come from Kingston, Jamaica. They bring a fun and flavour filled west country take on ska and reggae and have left festival dance floors exhausted over the years. Polar Front are another local band creating a buzz for themselves! Mixing powerful indie guitars, and r&b power pop vocals with synth driven sounds they have a sound all of their own.

Also appearing is Bristol based nu-soul artist Samantha Londo, who mixes tribal, gospel and trip hop to create a beautiful soundscape of melody and harmony. Opening proceedings is one of the Fieldview family, Mr J Cameron himself in his guise as Weatherstorms, a rock and roll country blues retirement project. It’s a bit swamp delta blues, a bit rock and roll and it’s a bit of punktry. Sometimes a solo project, but fast becoming a collective of ragged hillbillies. Who knows what will happen on the night.

There will be some funky numbers being played by resident FVF DJ’s inbetween and after the music.

Full details to be found here.

13220872_1400973356595847_7287052738036996606_nSaturday 19th May – Port Erin @ The Locomotive

We are beginning to consider Port Erin to be the resident house band down at the Loco. Not natural bedfellows at first, but the locals seem to love their jammed out brand of funk, jazz and indie vibes. Venue magazine described the band as “a perfectly weighted three-piece dispensing precision rock full of space and dynamics with a pysch groove that’s undercut by sharp guitar and vocal lines that never settle for an obvious pattern” and the songs as “progressing unpredictably as jazz, but with hints of melody that never quite get lost in the rubble of breakdown”.

Details to be found right here!


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