This Week’s Live Shows 007

Last weeks SoP inauguration of the two spaces at Baila Coffee & Vinyl was a bit of a success, so we will be moving in permanently and putting on music most months there roughly along the same lines. More news on dates and artists soon!

In the meantime, what the devil do we have going on this week? Well, we have four rather spiffing shows for you starting, as always, with an unplugged style treat at the Roaring Donkey tomorrow. Read on..

Wednesday 4th May – The Songwriters Circle – Unplugged @ The Roaring Donkey

First out of the blocks is a cadre of some of the finest songwriters in the town. Steve Leigh, Steve Cox and Rob Beckinsale bring you a night of solo performance, collaboration and between song chat. Three of the most highly regarded players on the circuit strip things back to basics and get to the heart of the music.

Details to be found here.

13103435_1386414628051720_3072093968666732555_nThursday 5th May – The Backhand Jags, Ghost of the Avalanche + Rival Pilots @ The Victoria

Really looking forward to hitting the Vic on Thursday to witness The Backhand Jags. Channelling the same wit and aggression, melody and brutality that made the likes of The Wildhearts into national treasures, The Backhand Jags similarly are hard to pin down and manage to splice genres that have no business being in the same room let alone the same band. Punky-Metal-Pop-Bollocks? Something like that. Judging by the pre-show promo eminating from camp Jags, the show is going to be monumentally chaotic. Could the St Pierre Snake Invasions antics with us fade into obscurity?

We are very excited to welcome back one of our favourite bass and drum combo’s in support. Ghost of the Avalanche are a noise-punk duo from Bath with a perverse sense of what the word ‘Pop’ means. Catchy tunes played at blistering speed, reminiscent of early The Misfits crossed with The Bronx and DFA 1979. They like to claim they have “Looks for the ladies and guts for the guys, like a Humphrey Bogart film that kicks salt in your eyes.” We call them out on this.

We are pleased to also be able to introduce a new band to us – Rival Pilots. Although you may spot one or two faces in the line up with SoP experience. Expect some blistering rock music with pop sensibilities.

Full details here!

13131689_1388620041164512_7941236039979044934_oFriday 6th May – Swampgrass @ The Locomotive

Swampgrass are 5 people brought together by singer Sharon Honeywell  and guitar mangler Brad Lister. They play blues because it’s the closest genre that is consistently listed in the online uploaders at radio stations and festivals. More accurately it’s a hard grooving, song based, high energy music that covers topics like corporate slavery, narcissism, family issues, desire and good old fashioned greed. Blues, right?

There’s no crying into your pint at a Swampgrass show though. You’re more likely to spill it jumping about or, even better, give it to this thirsty band in between songs. So if 15 minute guitar solo’s and hour long slow blues jams are what you’re expecting be prepared to be energetically surprised. And hungover. Really, really hungover.

Full details to be found here!

12688217_1320170538009463_3082814729339137599_nSunday 8th May – Don Gallardo, Luke Tuchscherer + Samuel Bates @ The Beehive

The first of a mini roots residency at one of our favourite watering holes stars a genuine American Americana songwriter in the beardy and brilliant Don Gallardo, over on tour from Nashville. Don walks the line between folk, Americana and roots-rock, mining the influence of classic 1970s singer-songwriters while creating a sound that nods to the past while still pushing ahead toward something new.

A road warrior who frequently tours the U.K., he’s also earned high marks from outlets like Rolling Stone, AmericanaUK, and The Nashville Scene, the latter of which described his music as “country-rock with brains, charm and experimental impulses that are perfectly integrated into a familiar context.” No Depression offered similar praise, calling Gallardo a “rare gem” whose work is “highly recommended to fans of great songwriters.”

You may find some of his tunes familiar. Don has had music prominently featured in films like “Jolene” and Jackass Presents “Bad Grandpa,” as well as the television series “The Vampire Diaries” and ABC’s “Nashville.”

In support we have the excellent Luke Tuchscherer (you pronounce it “Tuck-Shearer”), another Singer/songwriter of an persuasion, although this time from this side of the Atlantic. Luke is also a member of The Whybirds and an ordained Dudeist priest. Local, home-grown support comes in the handsome shape of Samuel Bates, local uber-producer and frontman and songwriter of The Incredible Disappearing Boy with his stripped back, emotive and powerful songs.

For full details, click here.


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