This Weeks Live Shows 004

We are back to 3 shows this week, much more what has become a business as usual week after last week’s “fallow week” with three great shows across three great venues, including the triumphant and long awaited return of The Black Hats rhythm section!

12573757_932098790172703_2590456552868302407_nWednesday 6th April – Nick Parker & Adam Scott Glasspool, Unplugged @ The Roaring Donkey

It is always a real pleasure to welcome back Nick Parker to a SoP show. He has been one of our firm favourites ever since being recommended to us by Gaz Brookfield and helping us out of a hole by filling in a last minute show whilst on his way home from a tour in Germany. Our reasons for our bromance with the man are many: not only is he one of the nicest blokes you will ever meet on the circuit, he writes some of the most wonderfully warm, witty and downright clever songs that never fail to amuse and has managed to wedge us into the lyrics on occasion. Nick is also the only song-writer we know with a song about guy finding out his girlfriend is actually a prostitute. A true story apparently, and heartbreaking and hilarious all at the same time.

Glastonbury based Nick was 13 when he first picked up a guitar and tried to string together a few chords. By 14 he had put down the guitar and picked up the mandolin. Not least of all because he wanted to be in his brother Ant’s band and they needed a mandolin player. The first few gigs came and went, under the name ‘The Mandolin Brothers’ (genius) before they changed their name to ‘Why?’ (equally genius) and they spent the next 10 years bouncing around on stages at hundreds of venues around the UK and Europe, reeling out their folk/rock/skiffle (latterly known as friffle) sillyness to sweaty teens and twentysomethings.

Nick finally put down his eight string and picked up a six (mainly because his fingers had gotten too fat for the intricacies of a mandolin) and started a couple of guitar bands.After various false starts, a few flirtations with industry ‘big’ boys and a few mini tours to Germany (including one where they went all the way to the east for a three gig weekend, two of which were cancelled) Nick decided to go it alone.

Now under the name of ‘Nick Parker’ (again quite clever), Nick has released two full-length albums, 2010′s ‘The King of False Alarms’ and 2014′s ‘Angry Pork and the Occasional Bird’ on German label Tonetoaster Records. Playing his tongue-firmly-in-cheek folky/country/straggly songs, Nick’s shows – solo or with the False Alarms -are as intimate and light-hearted as they are passionate and downright sweaty.

Adam Scott Glasspool is a new boy to SoP, so we are lookign forward to hearing what he brings to the show. His is a haunting and emotive alternative folk music with layers of warm guitar under an icy ambiance on songs that are oblique and personal.

“mesmerisingly crafted” – Fresh Beats
“haunting and emotive” – Rock Club
“beautiful… fragile… reflective” – British Rock Melody
“the beginnings of a new talent, lyrically proficient and musically hypnotic” – Get Into This

Full details available on the event page.

The Black FeathersThursday 7th April – The Black Feathers, Jonny & The Thunder + Phil Cooper @ The Victoria

We are super excited to welcome back The Black Feathers for their first show for us in over a year. This would be reason enough to celebrate, but it is also part of the tour launching their incredible debut album Soaked To The Bone, an album the legend that is “Whisperin'” Bob Harris described as “Absolutely Wonderful”.

The perfectly paired voices of Sian Chandler and Ray Hughes intertwine effortlessly to create a genre-defying sound, combining elements of folk, roots, americana, and southern rock – kinda like our own, West-Country version of The Civil Wars.

The duo have been touring all over the UK for the past 2 years, including the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival, Stroud Folk Festival, and Maverick Festival. They have toured the United States heartland of  country music including shows at Club Passim, Caffe Lena, the Red Clay Theatre, and a sell out show at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. They are the real deal.

Jonny Payne & The Thunder may be playing SoP for the first time, but they are a band made up of some very familiar faces. Jonny himself is the former frontman of the brilliant and missed Deer Chicago (a band who supported the likes of Blondie, We Are Augustines and Lanterns on the Lake) with one SoP show under his belt. But it is his rhythm section who are more than familiar to us: Mark and Budd were the engine room of perhaps the first ever “SoP Favourite” band and regular returnee’s The Black Hats, one of the bands that shaped what we do, so we are really rather excited to have them back on the stage.

Travelling from Massachusetts to Tennessee, then Canada to Colorado set the initial theme for Jonny Payne & The Thunder. The songs are about stories and characters encountered in between. The music is based on music heard (and danced to) in various neon-clad dive-bars stumbled upon somewhere along the way. Not to mention an element of “you ain’t from around here are ya, you ain’t even from the county along” thrown in for being the outsider. Influence, whether or not heard is taken from roots, soul, gospel and blues, and ends up somewhere in the Windrush Valley Delta.

In a change to the advertised line up, current SoP favourite and regular Phil Cooper will be opening proceedings.

Full details on the FB event page.

Saturday 9th April – Oscillator @ The Locomotive

This is a show that has frankly, been beset by all sorts of misfortune, losing all manner of bands. Currently a 2 piece version of rock stalwarts Oscillator will be playing. We are still searching for the missing component to round of the show.

Keep updated on this show through the event page.


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